How To Get Content Marketing To Generate Leads For Your Business

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Mar 3, 2014 1:54:00 PM

Content MarketingOver the weekend, one of our clients emailed us to share his overwhelming gratitude to see that an e-book we created for his company had found its way into a Forbes article. Click here to see the article. While this might look lucky to some, to us it's all part of the science behind how we practice inbound marketing.

More importantly, as marketing continues to evolve, how you create, manage, publish and measure your content is becoming a core component of successful inbound marketing.

Marketing Strategy – Strategy before tactics: It's our mantra, and without it, there's little hope that your content will ever find a place outside of your website or your sales process. But, with some strong thinking behind it, a solid plan of attack and a road map by which you manage your efforts over the course of the year, successes like this become monthly occurrences. The results become huge increases in website traffic and major improvements in lead generation, month over month.

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If You're DOING SEO (Search Engine Optimization), You're DOING It Wrong

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 28, 2014 5:30:00 AM

SEOIsDead resized 600I could have written, "SEO Is Dead," and maybe that would have gotten me more views and more social shares, but that message has been delivered by other marketing firms over and over again. The point of this post is that you don't DO search engine optimization anymore.

So, what do you do? In essence, search engine optimization has become a core part of all other inbound marketing tactics, so there is no need to DO SEO anymore.

Here is what I mean.

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Why Your Prospects Buy, When They Buy And How To Get Them To Buy

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 26, 2014 7:30:00 AM

buyer behavior has changed, create educational content for your prospectsI have been at a conference for the past few days with sixty digital and inbound marketing agency owners.  During lunch, one of the owners mentioned the “thirty magical marketing touches” required to get people to buy. You may have also heard that, historically, most marketers think it takes seven touches to get a prospect to buy. That got me thinking – there really isn’t anything magical about when people buy, and perhaps a blog post about buying might be helpful.
Since buyer behavior has changed so dramatically over the past few years, and the internet has empowered all of our buyers with the information they think they need to make sound purchase decisions, our marketing and sales processes must be adjusted accordingly.

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Ramp Up Your Enterprise Trade Show ROI With Inbound Marketing

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 25, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Inbound Marketing at Trade ShowsYou’re an enterprise-level company, so you need enterprise-level marketing. No arguments there. But, most CMOs and VPs of Marketing get it wrong when they’re building out their enterprise marketing programs. They exclude inbound marketing strategy and the inbound marketing tactics to go along with the strategy. And that is a big, costly mistake.

Your buyer has changed. Have you?

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How To Get Your Email Marketing Results To Go From Poor to POW!

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM

email  marketing, track results, email personas, inbound marketingEmail marketing is, without a doubt, the most overused marketing tactic in the book today. Why? It is one of the easiest for marketers to execute, and it is one of the cheapest, too. However, the combination of those two factors make it one of the most underperforming marketing tactics in play.

The good news is there are ways to improve your email marketing results.
Don’t over-email. If you are emailing your prospects, clients or customers more than twice a month, it’s probably too much. Your open and click-through rates are the true measure of whether you are over-emailing or not. If you are looking at open rates under 10%, click-through rates under 1% or opt-out rates over 1%, you are over-emailing your database.

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Little-Known Advantages Of Inbound Marketing For Enterprise Campaigns

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 21, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Inbound Marketing CampaignsAt the enterprise level, marketing campaigns are complex functions. You have your targeted demographics, tons of media placements, website landing pages, social media posts and maybe even pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements or a direct mail component.

Working together, all of these elements are supposed to increase awareness of your business with the public. Some people even refer to this as, “Getting your name out there.” Does this sound familiar?

You might be distressed to know that getting your name out there is actually far from what marketing should be focused on. Instead, campaigns should focus on generating leads and driving revenue. If you aren’t focusing on increasing your company’s bottom line, then why have a marketing campaign at all?

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5 Marketing Tips To Turn Website Traffic Into Leads (For CMOs Only)

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 20, 2014 5:30:00 AM

CMO and Inbound MarketingThis is the time of year when many CMOs and Marketing VPs look back on their strategic marketing planning from last year and start thinking about what they’ll do differently in 2014. As one of them, you might be asking yourself several of these questions:

  • Are we capturing enough sales opportunities from our website traffic?
  • Is it wise to spend our money on marketing tactics like cold calling, direct mail and pay-per-click advertising?
  • How could we generate a better return on our marketing investment this time next year?
  • What new tactics might be available to us that we're not yet using?

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How Some Of Our Famous Presidents Might Have Used Inbound Marketing

Posted by Michael Lieberman

Feb 17, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Inbound Marketing and President's DayOn this historic President’s Day, we thought it might be fun to see how some of our country's famous presidents might have used inbound marketing during their stays in the White House.

George Washington - On April 30, 1789, George Washington became our first president, and would have loved the idea of practicing inbound marketing when everyone else still considers traditional interruptive marketing to be the standard.

Perhaps even more suited to inbound marketing were his major interests in the military arts and western expansion. His love of the strategy behind military maneuvers would have endeared him to the strategy before tactics that inbound marketing demands.

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